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Deadline for Week 1 is: Saturday January 9 2021 - 12:00:00Local Time: Monday July 26 2021 - 21:30:40

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KOH 2021 opening soon!
Posted on: 07-18-21 08:12 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Registration email will be going out soon. If you see tbis but haven't received an email, check your spam and that your email is up to date in the system. Go to

My Fusion > control panel > email options

2020 KOH100 & KOH250 updates
Posted on: 01-09-21 10:26 AM     Posted by: drewman523

Both the KOH100 & KOH250 contests are continuing into the playoffs.

There are 22 left in KOH100 and 3 left in KOH250.

Good luck to all!

Week 17 Deadline - moved to Sunday January 3rd, 12 noon ET
Posted on: 12-30-20 08:59 PM     Posted by: drewman523


With no games until Sunday, the Week 17 deadline is being moved to Sunday, January 3rd, 12 noon ET

However, there is a bug where it is not allowing me to set the deadline to a date in 2021. To offset this, I have rolled back the time of the website so that it thinks it is 3 days earlier. So on January 3rd, the site really thinks it is December 31st.

Deadline bar will state deadline as December 31st 12 noon ET, BUT with the time adjustment this will really be January 3rd, 2021 @ 12 noon ET

Hope that makes sense.

Week 13 Deadline moved - Dec 6th, 12pm ET (Noon)
Posted on: 12-03-20 10:38 AM     Posted by: drewman523


With Week 12 just concluding and the schedule changes leaving this week with no Thursday game, the Week 13 deadline will be moved.

Week 13 deadline is Sunday, December 6th, 12pm ET

I recommend submitting your pick within the normal deadline, so you don't forget. You can always change your pick before the deadlne.

Good luck


Week 12 Deadline is Wednesday, November 25th, 8pm ET
Posted on: 11-17-20 10:57 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Early reminder.

Week 12 is Thanksgiving Week. Deadline for Week 12 is Wednesday, November 25th, 8pm ET.

Good luck

Schedule changes/updates
Posted on: 10-13-20 01:13 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Posting this here instead of in the News in case anyone has any questions.

Week 5 DEN @ NE game has been rescheduled to 10/18 @ 1pm. There are 12 people (11 in KOH100 and 1 in KOH250) who selected this game in Week 5. Those 12 people will need to make their regular selection in Week 6 and win both that pick and the NE pick to proceed to Week 7. For the Weekly Summary, these picks will not be processed until after Week 6.

Week 6 Picks - 2 games have been changed/moved for which some participants have already submitted picks. If you selected LAC for Week 6, you will need to make another selection as they now have a bye. If you selected MIA, please review your selection as they are now playing NYJ, instead of DEN

All other announced schedule changes have been made. If you have submitted picks for future weeks, those must be checked, as the original opponent or date may have been changed.

All impacted games
DEN @ NE moved to 10/18

KC@ BUF moved to 10/19
NYJ @ LAC moved to Week 11
MIA @ DEN moved to Week 11
NYJ @ MIA moved from Week 10 to Week 6
JAX @ LAC moved from Week 8 to Week 7
LAC @ DEN moved from Week 11 to Week 8
LAC @ MIA moved from Week 7 to Week 10

Posted on: 09-29-20 01:26 PM     Posted by: drewman523

The NFL is currently monitoring the Titans and Vikings for covid exposure. Their upcoming games are still scheduled but this could change at any moment. Please stay tuned for any possible schedule changes.

IF you intend to select either of these games, please wait until Thursday to make your selection.


Week 2 Deadline 8pm ET Sept 12th
Posted on: 09-11-19 09:17 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Last deadline reminder until Thanksgiving

Deadline EVERY Thursday, 8PM ET Except Thanksgiving Week.

Good luck

We are LIVE - Less than 48 hours to Week 1 Deadline
Posted on: 09-03-19 08:14 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Week 1 Deadline is Thursday Sept 5th, 8pm ET

Deadline EVERY week (except Thanksgiving Week) is Thursday, 8pm ET

Set your display options
Go to My Fusion > Control Panel > display options
Scroll down to the time zone section and set so time in upper right matches your local time.

Good luck to all

KOH 2018-2019 opening soon!
Posted on: 07-12-18 08:48 AM     Posted by: drewman523

Watch your email for info...

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