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Deadline for Week 2 has passed. Deadline for Week 3 is: Thursday September 24 2020 - 20:00:00Local Time: Friday September 18 2020 - 7:50:33

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Week 2 Deadline 8pm ET Sept 12th
Posted on: 09-11-19 09:17 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Last deadline reminder until Thanksgiving

Deadline EVERY Thursday, 8PM ET Except Thanksgiving Week.

Good luck

We are LIVE - Less than 48 hours to Week 1 Deadline
Posted on: 09-03-19 08:14 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Week 1 Deadline is Thursday Sept 5th, 8pm ET

Deadline EVERY week (except Thanksgiving Week) is Thursday, 8pm ET

Set your display options
Go to My Fusion > Control Panel > display options
Scroll down to the time zone section and set so time in upper right matches your local time.

Good luck to all

KOH 2018-2019 opening soon!
Posted on: 07-12-18 08:48 AM     Posted by: drewman523

Watch your email for info...

Website still down
Posted on: 10-11-17 04:26 PM     Posted by: drewman523


Thanks for your patience. Earlier today the entire website was down due to an issue with the webhost. The site is back up, but there is still an issue submitting picks. I will provide updates as soon as I can.


Week 2 Deadline - Thursday 8pm ET
Posted on: 09-13-17 08:52 PM     Posted by: drewman523

Deadline EVERY Week is Thursday 8pm ET except for Thanksgiving Week

KOH 250 has ended
Posted on: 12-27-16 11:04 AM     Posted by: drewman523

Congratulations to linlicolor10 the 2016 King of the Hill for KOH250.


All took something home for their efforts.


Week 2 deadline reminder!
Posted on: 09-15-16 11:35 AM     Posted by: drewman523

Deadline for Week 2 is 8pm ET tonight! September 15, 8pm ET

Deadline is Thursday 8pm ET every week except Thanksgiving Week when the deadline is Wednesday 8pm ET

KOH 2016 Starting Totals
Posted on: 09-08-16 08:14 PM     Posted by: drewman523

KOH 100 1139
KOH 250 151

Good luck to all....

KOH 2015 - We are live!
Posted on: 09-10-15 09:59 AM     Posted by: drewman523

Get those picks in, 8pm ET deadline tonight! Final tally will be known after the deadline.

Good luck...

KOH 2015 - Registration is now open!
Posted on: 07-22-15 09:31 AM     Posted by: drewman523

Blast email has been sent, check your email...

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